What’s with the name?


Our name pays homage to exploration because it’s at the heart of what we do. Through curiosity and exploration, Magelyn finds new ways to express and communicate big ideas. 

Speaking of names, here are a few you might recognize. Bragging isn’t generally our style, but we’ll make an exception this time to show you we’re serious.


Who We Are

Magelyn is an award-winning boutique creative studio. We’re makers at heart and find inspiration in all sorts of things like making music, writing stories, dabbling in some code and even getting out our crayons. Our process is centered around close collaboration with our clients. We want to captain the ship with you and understand where you want to go, so we can make sure we build the right ship for the journey. 

We’re versatile. We believe in maintaining a small core team, giving us the flexibility to work with one of our many trusted creative partners to best meet the needs of the project. 


Rich Seemueller/Principal

With over 13 years of experience, Rich has benefited from working with a wide range of really talented people who utilize diverse skill sets. He’s also learned how to effectively lead projects by bringing those people together in the right ways and leaning on their unique strengths. As a lifelong lover of learning (and alliteration), Rich is always looking for new creative projects and challenges.

When he’s not sitting with his face crammed in one of his many work-related screens, he’s with his wife and 3 kids that keep him honest, happy and laughing. In his free time, he’s an avid writer, musician, snowboarder and gamer. He loves building things with his hands and doing manly projects around the house (though he often needs his wife to make sure they’re straight…).