Advanced Drainage Systems

The Life of a Raindrop 

When the folks at ADS approached us with their need for a marketing video, they wanted to do something that could show the wide range of their products and be used for a variety of purposes in one swing. We ended up going with a concept based on the life cycle of a raindrop in a thunderstorm and planned it in a way that it could exist as a whole, or be chopped into individual product videos later on, when needed.

ADS has a significant challenge in showing their products in use, because they’re all installed underground, so we made the decision early on to do 3d animation. In all, Magelyn created over 6 mins of 3d animation utilizing satellite imagery, DEM data, CAD integration, particle systems and fluid simulations on time and on budget. Not that’s some A+ exploration.



  • Client: ADS
  • Marketing Manager
  • Joe Chylik
  • Production: Magelyn
  • Creative Director
  • Rich Seemueller
  • Design/Animation:
  • Rich Seemueller

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