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Brad Halley

Marketing Manager

Melissa Fultz

Creative Director

Carolyn Chester


Michelle Snook


Daniella Siebert


Rich Seemueller

Vocal Talent:

Rich Seemueller

Magelyn partnered with treetree to create a set of installation videos for Columbus-based fencing company, Weatherables. Weatherables makes premium vinyl fencing that stands above the competition and they wanted to ensure that their accompanying product videos reflected that premium status. When we took a look at what they were currently using, it was on par with the rest of the industry; videos shot on cell phones. The problem with this approach is that the videos weren’t engaging. Weatherables received a lot of customer service calls for things that were already covered in videos, because people weren’t watching them. To avoid this pitfall, the videos had to be more energetic and to the point. We went with a fully 3d style that puts their brand and colors at the fore front. Additionally, it allows the camera to zoom in and show each step in detail, while quickly moving through the process, and maximizing customer retention times. The the main problem posed by a fully 3d approach was the amount of content we needed to make. Weatherables has a huge inventory of over 40 fence styles to showcase. (And that’s not even including their railing, lighting and accessories…) To accommodate that much 3d animation, Magelyn built a modular animation system that could iterate on the fence installation step for each style with minimal adjusting and maximum re-purposing of projects and assets.