Sports Media Marketing Awards Open

When Magelyn was part of the Spacejunk team, PromaxBDA asked the crew there to create the titles and graphics for their sports marketing awards show.  The studio didn't have the capacity to take the project on, so the animators agreed to take it upon ourselves and work on it as a passion project in our spare time.  It was self-directed and we knew we didn't want to work with actors (or really mess with shooting, sets or production in any capacity whatsoever).   You know what that means... Bring on the moody 3d!  Because of these intentional restrictions, we came up with the concept to showcase the equipment rather than the athletes.   We showcased some of the major sports but then also made sure to represent the action sports that we all love so much as well. 

It was really a labor of love and one that we all enjoyed working on and are still proud of.



  • Design
  • Dan Wineland
  • Animation
  • Chris Schoenman, Rich Seemueller, Nick Couts, Marco Cardenas, Dan Wineland
  • Music/Sound Design
  • Kurt Keaner

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