SafeWire: Don’t Become A Victim 

Best in Category: Motion

2018 - CSCA Creative Best Awards

SafeChain approached Magelyn with a city illustration that had been used in previous materials and the task of creating an informational overview of their new product, SafeWire.  The piece needed to be illustrative to match the city, but not cartoony.  It was important to not have it come across as fear-mongering, but still take the issue of fraud seriously.  Additionally, it had to have a high tech feel, while still living in the illustrated world.

Since at it’s core, SafeWire is a product that connects people, we felt it was important to have our characters be the focus that everything else connects around. In our initial tests, we really liked the look of the cel animated characters, but that was also the most time-intensive direction we could go. To accommodate, we carefully planned the character movements in ways that could be reused and re-purposed throughout the animation.



  • Client: SafeChain
  • Creative Director
  • Jeff Frazier
  • Producer
  • Krystine Monnett
  • Production: Magelyn
  • Creative Director
  • Rich Seemueller
  • Design/Animation:
  • Rich Seemueller
  • Character Design/Animation
  • Joey Judkins
  • Vocal Talent:
  • Maya Tuttle

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