Black Sails: The Fine Forms of Torture

When Magelyn was contacted by our friends over at The Pixel Park to assist with the animation of a project for Starz, we were excited. When we found out it was for Black Sails, we were giddy. I mean, what explorer doesn’t want to do work about pirates?! Then they told us it was about torture and we…. well, we were honestly a little creeped out by it at first. But then we pretty quickly remembered it was about friggin’ pirates!

PXPK brought their A-game on the design and layouts and then Magelyn set sail into the animation oceans to bring it all to life. The result is a piece that makes us feel like if we were pirates, we’d probably try really hard to get along with all of the the other pirates.



  • Creative Director
  • Matt Hoelter
  • Art Director
  • Hilary Buchanan
  • Design
  • Hilary Buchanan
  • Animation
  • Rich Seemueller, Chris Schoenman

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